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Chris Petersen

Hi, we are Chris and Joan Petersen from Denison, IA. We have spent our summers with our four kids at Okoboji, IA since the 1960's. We have had several boats and hoists and allot of broken cables over the years. Once we were actually in the boat and on the hoist when the cables broke. Scary! This year we heard a rumor that ShoreStation had an hydraulic hoist with side curtains to keep the boat clean. The great thing for us, no more cover to snap every time we park the boat. My wife and I are 77 and the best thing for us is with the remote we can easily adjust the height of our pontoon to become level with the dock. This allows for easy entering or exiting the boat. How sweet is that! Hit a button Raise the Boat! Hit a button Lower the Boat! We do more boating now than ever with our friends and family because of the hydraulic hoist. The fact that it is so easy and convenient is absolutely amazing to us. Love It!

Dana Meyer

This is our ShoreStation dock and floating raft on our farm pond north of Holstein. It can't get much simpler than this!!

Nicole Smith

So we recently had our dock installed two weeks ago by O'Donnell's Docks located in Jones Michigan. We couldn't be more pleased! We're still starting out..so the dock has yet to be officially completed. Not to mention all the toys that come along that need to fill up all our space! We recently purchased our first boat..now we need a few jets skits, Nautiques, etc ;) As a family of five, we'd love to win this contest! We purchased our lakehouse August 2016. Sadly, the entire home had to be gutted. That was a financial stab to the heart. As you can see, our boardwalk is rotting. We actually ripped out the entire boardwalk yesterday. So every little bit helps when trying to complete this dock. Our photo may not be the greatest to some, but it simply captures the beauty we now wake up to. We can't say thank you enough for a beautiful dock!

Customer on Catfish Lake, Eagle River, WI

Lake Minocqua, WI customer

Lake Minocqua, WI customer

Tonya Eggspuehler‎

Our ShoreStation has been a part of many family memories at Lake Waconda! Love supporting a business in my hometown; excellent products.

Jeremy Jalas

We absolutely love our ShoreStation products and would never have anything but! They are 2nd to none in quality and service! We currently traded our ShoreStation 9000# lift in for this new 15,000# lift and it is so impressive! Since owning our ShoreStation Lift and Shorebridge Dock, we have had many neighbors and friends buy after being on or close up! They sell themselves! Jeremy Clipperton at ShoreStation provides amazing accommodating service! Thank you for providing the Best of the Best for the Lake Life, you make Living even Better!

Customers from Gull Lake

We just recently purchased a lake front property and love using our ShoreStation products. We feel that having quality lakefront equipment has made for a sense of ease and has helped us ease in to lake front living knowing that we have a quality product that will last for ages.

Customers from Gull Lake

We have quite a few ShoreStation products that we've added to our set up since moving to the lake. We love all of them, but our favorite is the ShoreScreens because they are user friendly and protect our boats. We also love the kayak racks because they provide convenience to us when wanting to take the kayaks out for a quick evening paddle.

Customers from Gull Lake

We love that there are so many options for accessories to add to our dock system such as our kayak racks and benches.

Customers from Gull Lake

We love the look of our dock. We feel the combination of the aesthetic appeal and quality of the product is second to none.

Customer from Gull Lake

I love the durability of the dock and I feel confident in the product knowing it will last me ages. I also love the ease of my hydraulic lifts.

Customers from Gull Lake

We absolutely love our 6 ft. wide dock and the room it gives us to move about when enjoying lakefront lounging and activities.

Bruce Swonger

We are very very happy with ShoreStation! Had the lifts forever. Ordered a new lift with screens it is the best! Not only does it work great, it keeps the boat exceptional clean...bug free and doubles as a screened in porch for boat parties keeping rain and bugs out! We like it so well we custom fitted the screens and motors for winter snow and freezing rain added protection.

Thomas Flynn

This product is the epitome of "buy quality and you buy for life." When I was in the market for a boat lift for my speed boat, I really didn't know what I needed/wanted. There were a few brands to chose from and the task was a little daunting to be honest. However, I spoke to the salesman and simply asked "Which is the best quality." Without hesitation he pointed to the ShoreStation lift. He told me that while it may be more expensive than the other brands, it is well worth it. I believed him and ordered my lift. Best. Investment. EVER. Other people I know who bought lesser lifts have had to replace pieces and even whole sections of their lifts over the years. I bought your lift 20 years ago and it is just as good and as sturdy as the day I purchased it. I would never ever buy a different lift ever in my life. This is a brand that I now know and trust.

Tony Mason

Memories made at the lake.

Taking in a peaceful sunset..."

Debra Brosius #ShoreStationSimple

Noah Schultz

I have been using other brands for years and they've failed me. There is more maintenance required on them than ShoreStation products. I have many neighbors with ShoreStation docks which we all put in together and every year I get jealous of them. They're a lot easier to install and take out and never seem to wear out. I spend extra time putting in, taking out, and maintaining my current dock that I could be spending on enjoying my summer.

Annie Hultgren

We love our new StoreStation setup! The lift runs so smoothly and the ShoreScreen helps to keep the sun off our boat! We are also VERY happy with our new dock. It is very sturdy and will last for many years to come. The ShoreStation guys in Okoboji have been very accommodating and great to work with.. We couldn't be happier!

Carly Brosius

Every year there's a boat parade on Ten Mile Lake for the 4th of July, and lots of friends and family gather on our ShoreStation dock to watch! This photo is from our boat while we were riding in the parade. Our family has 3 ShoreStation lifts and a ShoreStation dock. We love the 4th of July, Ten Mile, and ShoreStation! #ShoreStationSimple

Jann Rae Murphy

Beautiful day at the lake! #ShoreStationSimple

We love entertaining on our ShoreStation dock."

John Mason

Robyn Devitt

#ShoreStationSimple at Big Spirit Lake


#ShoreStationSimple sunset at Okoboji Harbor, IA

Love my ShoreStation!"

Brian Fischer

We are boating virgins and think we are doing darn good! We are learning and making some memories along the way! Our lift is an older ShoreStation but it shows how well they last! Thanks from Iowa!"

Tami Petersen #ShoreStationSimple

Rod Fitzgerald

What a beautiful day in Northern Minnesota. Thanks to Rod for sending in his #ShoreStationSimple 4th of July weekend photo! Hope you had a great day on the water, Rod!

No rope, no worries!"

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Rick & Sarah Reed

1st lift was purchased 17 years ago when we ourselves were dealers for Shore Station as there was not a marina at Twin Lakes.

Our 2nd lift was also purchased when we sold for ShoreStation. It was a 4000 lb DC lift. It just outgrew out new boat but is still on the lake being used We purchased the white Poly dock that was available at that time also. It looks as good as the day we bought it. We powerwash it yearly and are extremely happy with it. This dock is very easy to install.

ShoreStation's ShoreScreen makes 2017 Top 50 Products list

Boating Industry Magazine included ShoreStation’s ShoreScreen™ Power Curtain in the magazine’s fourth annual Boating Industry Top Products list, which highlights new and updated marine industry products and services. Products on the list stood out among the hundreds of nominations because of innovative design and how the product impacted the marine industry, according to the magazine.

Loving our new pontoon lift!!!!"

Teresa Ukena

I love my ShoreStation lift! The speed of the lift, combined with the boat centering guides, makes landing my fishing boat a breeze. Even in high wind and waves."

ShoreStation Owner - Nisswa, MN

The Look and feel of our ShoreStation dock is second to none. Our dock is definitely our 'on the water family room' and years later it still looks as good as the day we bought it."

ShoreStation Owner - Gull Lake, MN

My kids live on the water. Thanks to the simplicity of my ShoreStation lift, I don't worry about them using the boat when I'm not around. The centering guides and the hydraulic lift help protect them and my boat."

ShoreStation Owner - Torch Lake, MI

ShoreStation Announces ‘Your Summer. Simplified.’ Campaign And Customer Contest

ShoreStation, manufacturer of boat lift and dock systems, has been a household name in the marine industry since the company’s inception and first boat lift in 1959. The industry-leading company continues to produce high-quality, easy-to-use, waterfront lifestyle products and shows no signs of slowing down. ShoreStation has just announced a ‘Your Summer. Simplified.’ campaign and contest that prompts end users to submit their summer story for a chance to win big.